Monday, May 12, 2008

Horses for Heroes Update

Has a month truly gone by since my last post!!?? I feel terribly remiss, but life in NYC can pass in one blinking instant, and that is the regretful case with my current busy social calendar.

Two exciting things to report, however. First, Seaside Therapeutic Riding, Inc., the riding program for which I am currently doing fundraising and communications work, is in the process of launching the first ever New York City Area Horses for Heroes program, a remarkable program originally instituted in Arlington, VA, and devoted to bringing the joys of horsemanship to veterans wounded in the Iraq War. We are currently seeking veterans interested in free lessons in riding and horse care, and challenged with any type of combat-related condition (including Amputation, Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) to contact the program and become a part of our "family." We are also on the lookout for a couple of good, steady, solid new horses to add to our string, and our program's director has been scouring area horse country looking for just those perfect ponies. Anyone with related information can feel free to contact me at the program via email:

And, additionally in the world of horsey events, I will be attending a charity benefit for a Long Island based therapeutic riding program this Wednesday in Soho. The party is a closed guest list, but I will be sure to use my time there to network heartily with some like minded horsey philanthropists.

Here's to summer horse season in the Hamptons!