Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Equine Photographer's Network Advocacy Project

Back to the blogging, after last week's whirlwind of reaquainting myself with all the relevant responsibilities that I had so happily shirked in favor of riding across the backcountry of Southern Spain.

With all of the emphasis that this blog puts on welfare issues in the equine industry, I wanted to highlight an unique initiative underway through the Equine Photographer's Network. I have often thrilled to find delivered to my inbox the latest installment of EPN's Image of the Week, as their photographers regularly create compelling, emotional and evocative images that truly capture our equine companions at their stunning best.

The EPN's most recent call to action however, was the 2009 Horses in Need Documentary Project. For this image assignment, the photographers "found beauty in places most people would avoid looking. They found beauty in places where it was difficult to hope. The circumstances that brought each horse to a point of needing rescue varied...These are stories born of sorrow, however many of these horses now have hope due to kind intervention...The photographers who participated in this project helped raise awareness of suffering and neglect."

I applaud all of the photographers who took part in this unique and heartfelt project to support the horses who needed their advocation the most.

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