Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Horse is Bomb Proof - Literally!

Life as a New Yorker in our post-9/11 city is normally (and perhaps surprisingly) quite free from extraneous worry about terrorist activity. New Yorkers are legendary for their ability to pick up and get moving again after even the worst of catastrophes, and the City's resolve to live unfettered by the shadow of potential terrorist activity is an idelible part of her character. It was, therefore, an unsettling shock for NYC residents this past week when a bomb was discovered simmering in a white SUV parked smack dead in the middle of Times Square. Though the bomb did not explode, and the man responsible was apprehended in the knick of time, it served as a reminder that our City is never going to be truly safe. That NYC is as safe as she is however, is by virtue of the tireless commitment that our firemen and police people undertake to keep her that way every day. We owe our calm, comfortable lives here to a swath of watchful eyes - and, as reports, a few watchful hooves as well.

Yesterday the NYPD honored Miggs the police horse, a 15-year-old equine member of last week's impromptu bomb squad, for remaining calm and performing his duties fearlessly even when faced with the smoke billowing from a bomb-packed vehicle. As his human partner Officer Wayne Ratigan reported, "Usually horses are afraid and run where there's smoke. But Miggs did what he was supposed to do. He's proven to be a bomb-proof horse."

A bomb-proof horse for a fear-proof City. Sounds like a fitting match to me. Kudos to Miggs, and everyone involved in preventing last week's bomb scare from becoming anything worse.

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