Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow Friday - Natalie Keller Reinert's "Unretired Racehorse"

Now I know that follow Friday is a Twitter thing, but I've decided to repurpose it for the sake of my blog because I like alliteration and because it works for my posting here today. My version of follow Friday also holds the differentiating feature of being not an aggregation of tons of twitterers that I really like, but a singular shout out to one blog per week that I feel warrants recommendation.

If you haven't ever read Natalie Keller Reinert's blog "Unretired Racehorse" you are missing out on a rare treat. Rare because Natalie is gifted with the written word, and is obviously writer first, blogger second, a distinction that sets her work apart from much of the content that swirls about in the galaxy of the Internet. And treat, because her funny, down-to-earth recounting of the trials and tribulations of racehorse owner/trainer/ridership is observant, light-hearted and compelling, and really gives a passing reader the sense of being there with her on the backstretch. Or, sometimes, in the woeful isolation of the detention barn at Belmont, or the oh-so-light-and-airy summer stables at Saratoga . Natalie has apparently just moved to our great state from Florida (not sure she's not going to regret that come winter time...) and it's quite interesting to hear her descriptions of all the racing events that I've come to love so much in this area. So a big welcome to her, and here's hoping she finds a happy place here in New York.

On an unrelated note, this post did originally have the potential to be labeled "Foal Friday" because this little Zedonk baby is too adorable not to point out. Apparently zebra daddies and donkey mamas running together in the same herd can be the perfect recipe for unabashed cuteness.

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