Friday, October 23, 2009

Thoroughbred Breeding Updates

Thoroughbred breeding updates for today’s horse bites, featuring recently released Jockey Club numbers, and a horse of a different color...

  • The Jockey Club’s Oct. 22nd “Report of Mares Bred” reflects the general contraction underway in the breeding industry, as total numbers of Thoroughbred mares bred nationwide fell 13.5%, to 45,317 coverings in 2009. Pennsylvania was the only state that showed an uptick in breeding rates, and a significant one, with 1,603 mares bred, and an increase of 29.6% over 2008 numbers. As the Blood Horse magazine reports, this is “directly related to the growth in purses at the state’s racetracks, which generate revenues for racing from their popular racetrack casino operations.” Kentucky’s numbers were down 10.6% from 2008 levels, but the state still accounted for 42.2% of all mares covered during 2009, maintaining its historic leadership as the industry’s breeding nexus.
  • And, just for fun, a rare “painted” Thoroughbred filly named Painted Angel was recently sold at the Tattersalls auction in England. The chestnut and white pinto is out of the parti-colored Thoroughbred stallion I Was Framed, an American bred horse now standing at Rectory Farm in England. The beautiful filly would certainly make a unique addition to the solid colored racing scene, but her new owners have as of yet, not decided what her career ambitions will entail.

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