Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barbaro's Legacy Lives On

While many indelible marks have been laid upon the face of history by presidents, inventors, scientists and educators, the greatness required to inspire change and development can be wrapped in unexpected packages. Such is the case with Barbaro, the Kentucky Derby great who became legend due not only to achievement in his life, but also to the heartrending circumstances surrounding his death. Since Barbaro's death the world of racing has seen real change occur, in the form of safety and welfare initiatives that will impact the lives of horses for years to come.

And now the legacy continues. The NTRA announced this week that it's NTRA Charities wing has established the "Barbaro Fund for Equine Health and Safety Research" to replace it's Barbaro Memorial Fund as the fundraising organization allied with the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance. Much of the $400,000 already raised on behalf of the Barbaro Fund has been applied to veterinary research into the causes of and treatments for laminitis. The new Barbaro Fund for Equine Health and Safety Research will expand that mission to tackle a range of racehorse veterinary concerns. That Barbaro's death became a gift instead of a statistic is something about which his owners, trainers and fans can be very proud.

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