Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank Helps Humans and Their Horses

I really like the following initiative. It's a concept that has been put to good use in human communities for many years, and has now been tweaked to serve equines and their human families with very positive results. As reports, an organization called the "Colorado Horsecare Foodbank," provides feed, hay and "other equine services" to Colorado families suffering from economic stress, who cannot currently afford to care for their family horses. Instead of sentencing their animals to the uncertainty of life without steady owners in today's economy, the Foodbank helps these owners keep their horses until their financial pictures brighten. It's a compelling and innovative way to both lessen the burden on cash-strapped equine owning families, and prevent another wave of horses from filtering into already overburdened shelter and rescue facilities. There are several other similar "hay banks" now in existence, and it will be interesting to see whether this idea continues to gain steam in other regions, because it provides such a wide variety of benefits to the impacted communities.

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